Watercolors and Drawings: American Realists

1975. Item #A5793

Meisel, Susan Pear. Watercolors and Drawings: American Realists. NY: Louis K. Meisel Gallery 1975. 62 black-and-white postcard-sized reproductions, loose in paper covers (base of spine torn). Overall very good though lightly bowed due to poor storage. "This exhibition brings together for the first time, all of the new realists, in a medium which has gone, for the most part, unnoticed [watercolor and drawing]." Includes Close, Baeder, Leslie, Katz, Flack, Haas, Ramos, and many more, plus a few older examples by Homer, Hopper, Marsh, and others for comparison with the photorealist and new realist work. Can be sent outside the U.S. for less than the default shipping rate. [Photorealism].

Price: $25.00

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