Item #31828 Catalogue One (6 assorted catalogues). Felix Paws, James Gray, Lathrop P. Harper, Henry Ramsey Old Books, Providence Rare Books, The Veatches.

Catalogue One (6 assorted catalogues)

Norwalk, CT; Princeton, MA; New York; Athens, GA; Montague, MA; Smithtown, NY: the various firms, [1970s?]; 2019; 1953; 1993, [1992]; [1987?]. First edition. Soft cover. A collection of booksellers' first catalogues, filled with hope and ambition. Variously sized, paged and illustrated. Very good (light wear and soil, a few address labels). Item #31828

(1) Felix Paws: Children's Books for the Modest Collector [Sonja Bay]. Catalogue Number 1 [ca. 1975]. 12p no ills. (2) James Gray. Short Catalogue One: Incunabula & Post (new series), 2019. 27 items, a few ills., a few in color. (3) Lathrop P. Harper. Catalogue No. 1: Rare Books and Manuscripts, 1953. 115 items, many ills. (4) Providence Rare Books [Peter Masi and Barbara Walzer], Catalogue One: Old Books on Contemporary Issues [1992]. 204 items, no ills. (5) Henry Ramsey, Old Books. Catalogue 1: Americana Plus a Miscellany: Dogs, Horses, Firsts and Technology. 197 items, no ills. (6) The Veatches. Catalogue One: American Bookmaking [etc.], [1987?]. 119p, no ills. Sold as a group of early efforts or new beginnings. Can be sent outside the US for less than the default shipping rate.

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