Dressage Principles Based on Biomechanics
Ritter, Thomas

Ritter, Thomas. Dressage Principles Based on Biomechanics. Cadmos 2011. 223p, many color photos and color drawings. New hardcover, in d.j. ** A beautiful and important book for intermediate or advanced dressage riders. Dr. Ritter "analyses, compares, and contrasts the knowledge of the old masters [Newcastle, Baucher, Steinbrecht, Watjen, etc.], and describes it as a structured system of equine gymnastics, which is based on equine biomechanics." He explains in detail how to use the three building blocks of equine gymnastics (seat and aids, basic arena patterns, and dressage movements) in schooling and riding your own horse. Includes some long-forgotten "secrets of classical equitation" such as stirrup-stepping and work with the cavesson under saddle. (Item ID: 14901)


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